KASPERSKY Mobile Security

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Advanced security that goes where you go

There’s a lot of your life stored inside your phones & tablets – so you need mobile security that helps to keep it all safe.

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KASPERSKY Mobile Security 2020


Most tested. Most awarded. For over 20 years, Kaspersky recognized as experts in the fight against malware and cybercrime. In 2018, Kaspersky products participated in 88 independents tests & reviews – and were awarded 73 first places and 77 top-three finishes. In 2019 Kaspersky products participated in 86 independent tests and reviews. Kaspersky products were awarded 64 firsts and achieved 70 top-three finishes. The TOP3 metric represents the aggregate scores achieved by over 80 well-known vendors in the security industry’s most respected, independent tests and reviews. Sustained performance across multiple tests and products gives a more meaningful assessment than a one-off performance in a single test.

Held in the highest regard. Kaspersky regularly assessed by world-leading research firms. Stemming from this,our ability to help companies and customers protect themselves and thrive in the face of change has been widely recognized.

400M+Users protected and 270K+ ORGANIZATIONS protected

  • Blocks suspicious apps, websites & files
  • Lets you control access to specific apps
  • Stops spyware monitoring calls, texts & location
  • Includes Anti-Theft tools to protect mobiles & data
  • Uses Machine Learning to combat new threats

KASPERSKY Mobile Security 2020 features

SECURITY – Rigorous protection technologies
MANUAL SCAN – Manual scanning for malware – for apps & devices
PRIVACY – If lost or stolen Protect your Data
ANDROID WEAR – Support for Android Wear simplifies security management
SIMPLICITY – Easy, online control of security functions and more
AUTOMATIC SCAN – Automated scanning for malware – for apps & devices
ANTI-PHISHING – Protection against phishing sites & SMS links
CONFIDENTIALITY – Locks your key apps with a secret code – plus hide* calls, texts & logs from prying eyes